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Silica Gel White : A Multi-Utility Agent to Protect Things from Moisture

Silica gel is a component capable of absorbing moisture which becomes essential for goods in transportation. Since 1640, Silica gel existed as a scientific curiosity until the first world war when it was used to absorb vapors and gases in gas mask canisters.

Silica gel is made up of Sodium Silicate and can convert from anhydrous to a hydrous state. It can also be doped with moisture indicators (Cobalt Chloride & Methyl Violet). And due to the indication capability, it is available in different variants (colors) such as White Silica Gel, Silica Gel Orange, and Blue Silica Gel.

The silica gel has a pore size of 2.4 nanometers and covers a 700-800 sq. meters of area per gram. Also, it can be reconditioned and can last up to infinite years as it has the ability to absorb as well as un-absorb the moisture.

When you don’t transfuse Silica Gel with indicating agents, it gets the White Silica Gel form. The White Silica Gel is a non-indicating desiccant and can absorb 5% of moisture. Based on the moisture absorption, It changes its color form from transparent to semi-transparent to non-transparent. Therefore, it is commonly used as a rust inhibitor, gas drier, and an activated absorbent. You’ll find small packets of white silica gel in the packaging when you buy some products.

In the market, the white silica gel is available as beads or coarse granules which are of a few millimeters in diameter. It is a budget-friendly, non-corrosive and non-toxic moisture-controlling solution for many industry verticals. It is available in a variety of mesh sizes including 1-2, 3-4, 5-8, 9-16 mesh, etc.

White Silica Gel absorbs more moisture as compared to indicating silica gels and is widely used in pharmaceutical, fertilizer plants, petrochemical, optical instruments, dehumidification process, air/gas dryer, and many other industrial applications. The higher the RH in the air, the larger the water vapors it absorbs.

The industrial usage of white silica gel packets

1. Compressed Air Systems Manufacturing
Small silica gel packets can keep the RH low in a satellite transmission or a high radio frequency arrangement. And because of its moisture-absorbing nature, it is widely used in compressed air systems manufacturing. It is a reliable solution for railways locomotives, wherein the compressed air in brake pipes isn’t supposed to occupy moisture as it may lead to brake failure.

2. In a Transformer
A transformer is not something that adores RH. The presence of RH can make a transformer running inefficiently. The Electrical industry uses silica gel beads to mitigate the presence of RH.

3. To Keep Your Packaged Food Safe
No doubt about the fact that RH/moisture is also among the few reasons directly associating with food spoilage. Spoiler: they don’t use silica immediately in contact with the consumables.

4. To Store Things
White silica gel packets are widely used to protect stored things from humidity and Libraries and museums are the perfect example. Even the healthcare industry use silica gel in many applications such as storing of diagnostics exam stips, syringes, bacteria sanitation kits, inhalation devices, drug test kits.

5. To Keep Your Luggage Moisture-free
This usage comes as a free tip for you:
If you don’t want your luggage to be in contact with a high moisture environment, simply put a couple of silica gel packets into your luggage. And there is nothing better than a status quo luggage.

6. In Transportation and Logistics
Goods are in transport and the region, where the truck is, starts raining. It is a nightmare for most of the transportation and logistics companies owners. The White Silica gel packets have been an essential anti-moisture counterpart for personal/industrial goods.

Silica gel white is non-toxic

The white silica gel packets don’t contain any hazardous substances that can directly harm human beings. However, once the silica gels packets are in contact with hydrogen fluoride, strong bases and oxidizers, and strong acids, they become much reactive. The silica gel can cause your skin and eye irritation. And It has been advised that white silica gel must be used cautiously and one shall avoid direct exposure of this substance.

The reality is the proof, the silica gel packets are a life savior solution. They have a variety of applications in the industrial as well as personal space. Be it defending your personal things to industrial goods, silica gel does it all. The Silica gel is an unappreciated ground-breaking invention.

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