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Silica Gel Pouches – How do they Help in Securing Different Products

silica gel strip packets

You might have found a small white packet in almost every package delivered in carton boxes. The paper packet carries silica gel beads to keep your goods moisture and odor-free. Some people also save these packets to reuse them while storing household goods. Silica gel is made of sodium silicate which is highly absorptive to moisture. It can absorb up to 40% of its own weight.

It is no wonder that silica gel packets have become a part of product packaging for most of the sellers and manufacturers. Silica gel beads have great moisture reducing properties and help to keep packaged goods away from corrosion and odor. Not only just keeping your shoes and other products safe, but silica gel pouches also perform several other functions including protecting your eatables from bacteria. Silica gel is available in multiple forms and one such is white silica gel beads.

Silica Gel Packets Keep the Moisture Away

These small absorbent beads attract water molecules and can control the moisture in a closed surrounding. Silica gel beads are not supposed to be used open, therefore they are packed in porous paper bags that allow the contact between silica gel and water molecules.

Why Moisture is Bad for Product Packaging?

1. It Molds the Products
When we store items for a longer period of time, they are more likely to mold. They change their shape due to humidity which sometimes gets higher depending on the weather conditions.

The silica gel packets keep the moisture away from the boxes where your items are stored. For example, leather gets mold if not kept in a less moisturized environment. This is why you find small packets of silica gels inside the leather item containing box.

2. Creates Bad Odor
During manufacturing, a product goes through several chemical and other processes. The manufacturers pack the products at the time they are ready to use. Products can smell so bad when stored in cardboard cartons for a long time.

Silica gel pouches absorb extra moisture from the boxes to prevent items from the smell. You might have seen these packets in shoe-boxes and many other goods.

Can You Reuse the Silica Gel Pouches?

Though the silica gel packets say “DO NOT EAT” on its paper packaging, they are really very useful to your household. Here is how you can reuse the silica gel pouches:

1. Dry Your Phone
If you’ve accidentally wet your phone the only way out is to dry it out as soon as possible. Silica gel packet’s moisture reducing properties can absorb moisture from the small cuts of the mobile phones.
Take an air-tight plastic bag and put your phone inside along with an ample amount of silica gel packets. Make sure that the pouches cover both sides of the phone. Don’t forget to seal the bag.

2. Save the Jewelry Shine
Moisture tarnishes your jewelry and makes it look less attractive resulting in you spending a lot of your time polishing it. You can easily put some silica gel pouches beneath the jewelry in the box.

3. Freshen up Gym Bag
Gym bags get full of bad odor due to bacteria produced by dust and moisture. To remove the smell, all you have to do is to remove the moisture. Just drop a couple of silica gel pouches into your gym bag and keep your belongings fresh.

4. Freshen up Your Home
Though it is not recommended to open the silica gel packets generally, but for this use case, you will have to open it.
Pour a couple of silica gel packets (you can use more based on the size of the place you want to scent) in a bowl. Add one or two drops of the essential oil of your choice.
Note: Stay out of the immediate contact with silica gel beads as they may cause minor skin infections. So try not to touch them excessively.

5. Keep Seasonal Items away from the smell
Seasonal items are something we only bring out when the occasion is at the doorstep. Things like luggage, Christmas decorations start smelling as we store them for a long period of time.

6. It is hard to keep the pet foods dry in a humid area.
Usually, we save it in an airtight container but does it work? The common answer is NO. Here silica gel will sort out your problem effectively. Place some silica gel packets into the bottom of the container. It will keep the pet food dry and improve food life.

We want you to remember one thing. Please note this. Keep the silica gel pouches away from the children. Desiccant silica gel disguises like sugar. It might attract the kids to eat it.

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