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Interteck introduces the iMINI LCD temperature data logger, a single-trip device with a large LCD screen for  easy  viewing  of real-time temperature. To start the device, simply press the start button and let the iMINI LCD do the rest. Our data loggers are the simple and smart way to monitor your supply chain.

 25 pcs / case

1. Single use logger with large LCDscreen

 2. Pre-programmed to customer specifications

 3. Highaccuracy

 4.Large memorycapacity

 5. 21 CFRcompliance

 6. Compactprofile

 7. Waterproofpouch

 8. 4 alarmthresholds








Description Specifications
Product Code ML-ST-S-8-L

ML-ST-S-8-L-P (Pharma compliant) 21CFR part 11

Memory Options 8K, 7808 readings
Program Interval 5 seconds to 17 hours
Time Accuracy ±1 hour per year
Sensors Internal
Temperature Range -40 ⁰C to +80 ⁰C (-40 ⁰F to +176 ⁰F)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5 ⁰C (-40 ⁰C to -10 ⁰C), ±1 ⁰F (-40 ⁰F to +14 ⁰F);

±0.3 ⁰C (-10 ⁰C to +80 ⁰C), ±0.6 ⁰F (+14 ⁰F to +176 ⁰F)

Resolution 0.1 ⁰C (0.1 ⁰F)
Sensor Response Time T90 of 5 minutes in moving air
File Format PDF, CSV, TXT & CVT
Alarm Thresholds 4 thresholds; 2 Red LEDs, 2 Blue LEDs
Alarm Configuration HIGH HIGH, HIGH, LOW & LOW LOW
Bookmark Yes
Preprogram Option Factory programmed
Start Option Push button and/or timer
Auto Restart N/A
Start Delay Yes, 1 minute to 99 days
Stop Option Yes, stop button (can be disabled)
Size 68mmx37mmx5mm (without sleeve)

81mmx52mmx5mm (with sleeve)

Weight 23 g
Case Material Plastic sleeve
Battery 3.0V
IP Rating IP 67
Warranty 1 Trip
Calibration A 3 point NIST traceable calibration certificate is available as

a pdf download with the ML-ST-S-8-L-P product

Accuracy Certificate A mass certificate is available upon request for the ML-ST-S-8-L
Other Certification ISO9001:2008, CE, RoHS
Shelf Life 1 Year
Interface USB
Software ConsolePlus
Default File Format CVT (data can be exported as PDF, CSV, TXT with


Security N/A

Multifunctional Display:

LCD displays the time below the specified low alarm setting for the current trip

LCD displays the time above the specified high alarm setting for the current trip

LCD displays the average reading for the current trip

LCD displays the lowest recorded reading

LCD displays the highest recorded reading





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