Silica Gel Strip Packets

FDA DMF  Silica Gel complies with USP41-NF36

Silica gel strip packets are used to control moisture in any closed container environment. Silica gel is made from silicon dioxide which is harmless for humans and hence, these packets can be used with packed food containers and pharmaceutical packs. Our Silica Gel Strip Packets meet FDA specifications for use in dry food packaging, and work with almost all pouch dispensing and insertion machines for easy integration into any automatic assembly line. These packs can adsorb about 40% of its weight in moisture and can be used to remove moisture from packaged environment, which helps in preventing damage from moisture, spoilage & stops mold/fungus from growing., On saturation, you can get rid of the moisture and regenerate them by heating them at higher temperature.
Each roll of Silica Gel measures 11″ in diameter and 8″ in width and contains uncut continuous strips of Silica Gel Packets. They come packaged in air tight & sealed moisture barrier bag and packaged 2 rolls per carton.

Uses of product:

Shoes, Cameras, Underwater Housings, Security Camera Housings, Tackle Boxes, Tool Boxes, Electronics, Cell Phones, iPod, Film, Razor Blades, Hearing Aids, Fishing Flies, Travel Bags, Purses, Wallets, Dry Seeds, Etc.
Interteck Silica Gel Strip Packets offer the ease and flexibility of a cut desiccant packet with the speed and precision of a mechanized delivery system.
Interteck Strip Packets are made of durable, non dusting Tyvek, and may be filled with the following adsorbent material:
• Silica Gel
• Activated Clay
• Molecular Sieve
• Activated Carbon

Material Specification:

  • The Tyvek® styles, as manufactured by DuPont, meet the requirements of Title 21 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations for olefin polymers (21 CFR 177.1520) and additives (21 CFR 178.2010).
  • Tyvek® is a chemically inert material.
  • High Strength and Tear Resistant.
  • High permeability for fast adsorption of moisture vapor and/or odors and gases.
  • Dust tight.

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Showing all 2 results