Silica Gel Packets

FDA DMF  Silica Gel complies with USP41-NF36

Silica gel is very effective in removing moisture from within a container.

Our packets can absorb water and other substances like aromatics, CO2, C12, and HC1. By absorbing water, silica gel packets can stop mold from growing, and prevent spoilage and other forms of moisture damage.

Our silica gel packets control moisture but does not introduce other substances or introducing toxins into its environment.
The packets add no smell or taste and is chemically inert and what this means is that other chemicals do not react to its presence.

The packets stay the same size and shape, even after absorbing water.

Indicating Packets will change color to indicate their expiration so that they can be reactivated and used again.  Indicating silica gel packets do contain cobalt chloride and should not be used with ingestable products

Our Packets are used for a wide variety of applications including:

Pharmaceutical, electronics, diagnostic kits, foods, clothing, powders, vitamins, consumer products, parts, etc..

Silica gel, which has an average pore size of 2.4 nanometers, has a strong affinity for water molecules and widely used as a desiccant, they are the perfect solution for removing moisture from any package. Even a small quantity can adsorb moisture and different substances like aromatics, CO2, C12, and HC1, which prevents damage from moisture, spoilage & stops mold/fungus from growing.
Our desiccant silica gel packets control dampness without doing any harm to the stored items as they have no smell or taste and it is chemically inert, preventing any other chemical reactions. Even after absorbing moisture, size & shape remains intact. Desiccant Packets containing indicating Silica gel changes its color after absorbing a certain amount of moisture & then it should be re-activated for further use. Ideally Silica Gel packets should be used with electronics, diagnostic kits, clothing, powders, products parts, etc. Blue Silica gel should not be used with any items which are designed to be consumed (Pharmaceutical products, food items etc.).
Interteck offers highly competitive lead times with our quality in manufacturing & delivering. We have capably abridged our lead time to 1-2 weeks in comparison to 8-12 weeks from other desiccant producers.
Utilized by pharmaceuticals, food packaging, and other professionals to keep up the trustworthiness of their items from inventory network to end client, the desiccants Packets are accessible in silica gel, clay, molecular sieve, and activated carbon. Custom mixes are likewise accessible, for instance: a half silica gel for dampness and half carbon for odor assimilation.

Desiccant Material: Silica Gel Packets, Indicating Silica Gel, Clay, Molecular Sieve and Carbon

Substrates: Tyvek®(FDA Approved), Clear View Pak

Packaged:  1 gallon case or 10 gallon case

Wide Variety of Applications:

Pharmaceutical, electronics, diagnostic kits, foods, clothing, powders, vitamins, consumer products, parts, etc.

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.25 gram 22mm 26mm
.5 gram 22mm 26mm
1 gram 22mm 26mm
1.5 gram 22mm 45mm
2 gram 22mm 54mm
3 gram 27mm 54mm
5 gram 27mm 73mm
10 gram 36mm 82mm

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Showing all 12 results