Cold chain management makes use of data loggers to monitor the temperature history of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other temperature sensitive cargo. A cold chain system can include refrigerated trucks, reefer ships, reefer containers, and refrigerated warehouses. So, it is essential to have the temperature documented throughout the cold chain process to ensure quality and safety of the products. Our Cryopak data loggers & monitoring labels are an easy to use solution for temperature reporting during production, storage & distribution of goods.

Why Interteck Packaging?

Interteck Packaging is one of the top suppliers of Data Loggers in the US and an established name for moisture control solutions in the transporting and packaging industry. Our technically-advanced and self-powered data loggers facilitate extremely accurate temperature logging and measurement. At Interteck Packaging, we ensure competitive prices, customer satisfaction, and quick delivery.

  • Best Quality: Our wide range of Data Loggers provides the best solution for temperature monitoring and management, for both retail and commercial applications!
  • Free Delivery: We provide free shipping on all orders within the USA and quick delivery at your doorstep.
  • Customer Delight: We believe in not just serving our customers but in delighting them! So, you can expect the best service from our end.

We are dedicated to providing quality temperature and humidity management solutions for all types of commercial as well as personal uses. You can use the Cryopak data loggers for cold chain management solutions to ensure that food, medical and pharmaceutical products are stored and transported at the recommended temperature conditions. Our devices are also extensively used for environmental and heating/ventilation monitoring.

Our Range of Data Loggers

Interteck Packaging brings to you the Cryopak Data Loggers for the best temperature monitoring. You can find simple temperature indicators, USB data loggers that generate a comprehensive PDF report, and data logger with LCD screen for real time temperature monitoring. Commercial, personal or industrial, whatever of your needs, we’ve got you covered! Interteck Packaging is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of commercial moisture and temperature control/monitoring solutions!

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Showing all 3 results