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How to use Integra Boost 2-way Humidity Control Packs for Cigar storage?

If you enjoy a good cigar, you must know how difficult it is to preserve its original taste and aroma. Excess of moisture or extreme lack of moisture can ruin your favorite cigar in just a few days. The key to protecting and preserving your rare cigars is to take control of the environment they’re kept in.

You need to regulate the moisture in your cigar storage so that the freshness of your tobacco can be maintained. If you live in an arid environment, the heat and dryness can cause your cigar tobacco to dry out and lose flavor. If you live in a moist climate, the excess humidity can cause a variety of issues including mold.

In this article, we’ll guide you through three ways in which you can use the Integra Boost 2-way moisture packs to keep your cigars as fresh as new.

1. Place in your Cigar Box

Throw in a Boost 2-way moisture control pack in your cigar box to protect your brand new cigars. This will make sure that your favorite cigars stay in a properly regulated environment from the beginning and thus stay fresh. Doing this will ensure that the quality of your cigars is never compromised and whenever you pick one, it smells and tastes as good as new.

So, whenever you get a new cigar box home, remember to place a Boost two-way humidity control pack in it. Remove the Boost pack from its clear overwrap packaging before placing it in your cigar box. It will immediately begin to adapt to the environment around it, absorbing or releasing moisture, as required. This will continue till it reaches its mentioned humidity percentage.

2. Rehydrate the dried ones

You can easily rehydrate cigars with Boost 2-way humidity control technology. It is an extremely simple and effective solution for turning your dried-out cigars into fresh-as-new. The 2-way moisture control pack will rehydrate your cigars by releasing moisture in the air until it reaches the optimal humidity. Moreover, these Integra Boost packs only emit pure H2O (water) vapor and are clean to use. They will not alter the taste, smell, or aroma of your cigars!

3. Maintain humidity in changing weather and environment

Every time you open your cigar box, it creates a fluctuation in the air and environment around the cigars. Humid or dry air can enter the box and change the balance of air near your cigars. To preserve your cigars properly, you must ensure consistency of environment.

This is where Integra Boost 2-way humidity control packs come in really handy. The 2-way moisture control packs not only get the environment to the ideal humidity levels but also continue to maintain the humidity at that level. So, any changes in moisture levels are quickly checked by the Boost 2-way pack.
Every time there is a change in humidity levels, the Boost pack will either release or absorb moisture, as required. This way, the Boost 2-way moisture packs can help keep your cigars safe and fresh for a very long time.

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