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Silica Gel Packets : 10 Surprising Ways to Use Them

You will have a hard time believing, what number of ways you can reuse those silica gel bundles that come in the case with your new pair of shoes, your medical supplies, or a new purse. Try not to toss desiccant packs in the waste until you read this!

Manufacturing companies prefer to add these desiccant packs to their packed products to keep them moisture-free to preserve their freshness, as Silica Gel has the ability to absorb moisture, thus slowing down the processes responsible for food spoilage, mold developing, bad odors, rust in metal parts etc.

From The Feral Turtle- “We save our silica gel packets too! They will collect moisture and quit working, though, so we re-generate them in a 200 degree over for about 2 hours and store them in an airtight Ziploc bag until we need them.”

Caution: Please ensure that you keep silica packets out of the span of kids and pets. These are not to be eaten and could be a danger whenever left where a little kid who can have access to it.

Silica gel uses.

Silica gel packets are ideal to be reused in almost every nook n corner of your home and in places which you can’t even imagine.

1.Photos, albums & old scrape books.

The most common problem with storing photos and albums is that, over a period of time, they get stuck to the protector film in which they are stored. The main cause is the moisture present in and around the storage location. Place Silica packets with your photos & old scrape books to keep them safe and free from moisture.

2.Holiday decorations and Christmas ornaments.

Decorations & ornaments are stored only to be taken out & used once in a year like, Birthday decorations, Christmas ornaments, Halloween decorations etc. Using Silica packets in packets of stored decorations & ornaments will be a smart idea to preserve them in pristine condition.

3.Dirty clothes.

Irritated with the smell of dirty clothes? Place a Silica gel packet at the bottom of dirty clothes hamper and bingo!! smell gone.

4.Hearing aids, head-phones, camera etc.

Store hearing aids, mobile headsets, batteries, camera, arms, sun-glasses etc with silica packets to avoid moisture to get in and degrading their performance.

5.Collected seeds.
Place silica gel packets to the container used to store collected seeds hence preventing molds to grow on them.

6.Silver jewellery.

Silver jewellery changes its shining color over a period of time due to oxidation. Place Silica gel packets with them to avoid silver to get tarnished.

7.Medicine or vitamin cabinet.

Medicine & vitamins are normally stored in baths & showers where their is plenty of moisture. Place some Silica gel packets in the cabinet to prevent them from getting soggy due to moisture.

8.Winter clothes, leather clothing.

Place Silica gel packets with winter and leather clothing (ex. Boots, leather jackets, sweaters, cardigans etc) when storing them for a long period of time, as in summers.

9.Tool box.

Place 1-2 big silica gel packets in your tool box where you store nails, screws, nuts n bolts & machinery tools. This will remove the moisture from the area, thus preventing them from rusting.


If you notice small clumps in your laundry and dishwasher detergent container, add silica gel packets to avoid clumping due to moisture.

P.S. You can make your own desiccant packs with loose silica gel beads and inexpensive tea bags.

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Advantages Of Silica Gel Desiccants Packets

Main use of Desiccants is their ability to absorb moisture, thus slowing down the processes responsible for food spoilage, mold developing, bad odors, rust in metal parts etc. When moisture sticks on to any surface, it gets converted in water which triggers a chemical reaction that damages the materials.

Silica gels are silicon atoms joined with two oxygen atoms. After processing in Silica Gel Desiccant Beads, they contain millions of pores that absorb moisture. Silica gel desiccant beads can be vital to keeping up the uprightness of your profitable items, for example, paper products, edible items, and leather. Silica Gel Desiccant Packets are an affordable and efficient way to guarantee a longer life for products.

Silica gel packets of various colors are these days being presented in the market. The most regularly discovered sorts of Silica Gel parcels incorporate blue, orange, green (indicating) and white (non-indicating). The reason for the indicating silica gel is that, when it gets saturated with moisture, it changes its color. On account of the non-indicating Silica Gel, as the name recommends, it doesn’t change color and stays white. Silica gel packets are ideal to reuse throughout your home and work place, in places where you might be worried about excess moisture.

Add silica packets to photos to keep them safe and free from moisture.
Add silica gel packets to each container in your basement, garage, or storage unit to absorb excess moisture.
Laundry storage compartment, Shoe rack.
Computer cabinet, electronics & wire storage area.
Keep some in your medicine or vitamin cabinet.
Place inside closets.
In desk drawers to preserve files and contents.
In garbage cans, tool boxes, file cabinets.

Once used, Silica gel packets can be reused again and again. You just need to heat them in oven at 200 deg C and wait till color of beads change back to original color.

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American Made, Effective & Safe

American Made, Effective & Safe

For more than 30 years, Interteck Packaging has worked hard to refine our processes – from manufacturing to quality control – in our attempt to deliver the world’s best absorbent and absorbent-based products to customers across the United States. We began by serving mostly industrial and governmental concerns before launching our line of consumer products for use in the homes and offices of people all across the country.

Over the years, the minds at Interteck have been working to deliver ever more moisture-absorbing power to our customers through innovation and cutting edge-technology. These breakthroughs led to the use of Tyvek to make our silica gel and clay desiccants safe to use with everything from foodstuffs to medicines. This material has been approved by the FDA for these uses and tested to most stringent standards to ensure they’re safe because Interteck cares about you, your family, your pets, and the environment we all live in.

After years of hearing from consumers about the battles they were constantly fighting against moisture in their personal safes, Interteck set out to deliver the highest quality carton desiccants made specifically for today’s home or office safes. These cartons are durable, easy-to-use bulwarks against the ravages caused by exposure to moisture – especially in dark conditions. That can lead to bacteria growth and even mold, but not with our carton desiccants for safes on the case. They keep moisture far from what matters most.

The last big breakthrough for Interteck silica gel desiccant dehumidifiers was our introduction of color-changing, or indicating, bulk silica gel beads and silica gel packets. Developed first in blue to pink indicating, we would later introduce orange to green indicating silica gel products that contained no harmful cobalt chloride to better serve our consumers who aren’t comfortable with even the remotest possibility of ingestion. We care, and always will, about your health and happiness and our money back guarantee on all product purchases reinforces that dedication to your complete satisfaction.

No matter what your moisture fighting needs, Interteck has a product that’s perfectly suited to keep all that you care for and want to keep free from the harmful effects of moisture exposure safe for the long term. Just browse our catalog for the right product and size for your space and let the power of Interteck’s science go to work for you. With Interteck, you get a great American product from a company that’s been here for over 30 years and stands behind all we sell 100% – order today!

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What Is Indicating Silica Gel?

What Is Indicating Silica Gel?

At Interteck, we’ve long been a champion of bringing the best possible product to our consumers in our effort to constantly push the envelope where moisture control is concerned. This brought the invention of indicating silica gel to our attention as soon as it took place and we’ve been offering the finest product on the market ever since. We knew it was a game-changer all the way back then and still believe in its value to our customers today.

Indicating silica gel from Interteck comes in two distinct varieties – aside from being encased in packets or in bulk as loose beads: orange to green and blue to pink. These aren’t color preferences either, well not entirely, but the aftereffects of the moisture indicator used to manufacture the product in the first place. They do the same thing, but use different chemical additives to do it. That means they have different toxicity levels and shouldn’t be treated the same. Let’s look deeper (take note that the packaging is irrelevant to the chemical makeup of each product):

  • Blue to Pink Indicating Silica Gel: The blue to pink indicating silica gel from Interteck is actually just our normal white non-indicating silica gel which has been washed with a special concentration of cobalt chloride. When dry, this cobalt chloride coating is a brilliant blue color and when it becomes saturated with moisture it turns pink. That’s what you’re seeing when it changes color – the saturation of the cobalt chloride outer covering. While only moderately toxic, cobalt chloride should not be ingested or used in connection with food. You can read more about the safe uses of blue to pink indicating silica gel by visiting our Information pages.
  • Orange to Green Indicating Silica Gel: The orange to green indicating silica gel from Interteck is our non-indicating silica gel washed with a concentrate of methyl violet which is nowhere near the toxicity of cobalt chloride and deemed a safer product to use in your home. It’s still a good idea to use this product away from small children and pets to avoid any trouble should the get it in their hands or mouths. It’s not poisonous, but it pays to avoid trouble whenever possible.

So, as you can clearly see, indicating silica gel is just ordinary silica with a special concentration bath which gives it its almost magical properties. And, who can say that having your desiccant show you it’s time for a change isn’t helpful? It’s an advancement we were proud to bring to our customers and one we’re still working hard to improve every single day. They work great in so many areas of your home or office and should have a place in every Americans toolkit. They’re just that handy!