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Benefits of Silica Gel Desiccant Packets

How does Silica gel work?

Silica Gel is a porous, irregular and amorphous form of silicon dioxide. Because of its irregular shape of molecules, sprouted voids may contain water, gas or other liquids. This structural property makes it a brilliant absorbent of moisture.



Silica gel packets are packed with small beads of silicon dioxide in solid form. Technically, it is called silica xerogel but most commonly people know recognize it by the name of silica gel. Silica gel pouches help keep moisture away from any product or a particular environment. Many consumer brands use these desiccant silica gel pouches in their product packaging to keep it dry and fresh.

Uses of Silica Gel 

In this present time where the environment leaders are putting pressure on RECYCLING & REUSING, reuse of Silica Gel packets might be a perfect example to set this ideology. These pouches are ideal for reusing at home, at offices and other places to keep an area moisture-free.

But have you ever known the following smart uses of Silica gel packets? Let’s discuss how you can use the desiccant silica gel packets around your house or office spaces.

1. There are many corners at home or office where a musty smell of moisture comes. Placing desiccant pouches in those areas may help to dry those places and remove the unpleasant smell.

2. What if your cell phone drops into the water or any liquid accidentally? Don’t be worried. A zip lock bag with silica gel would fix this problem quickly. You just need to remove the SIM card, memory card and the battery of the cell phone and put it in a zip lock bagl filled with desiccant silica gel packets. Leave it there for a few days before switching it on again. Because of its absorbing property, silica gel would dry it and surprisingly, your mobile phone will work again.

3. Silverware and other jewelry can be tarnished or corroded by moisture. Silica gel packets can be kept in containers with jewelry so that it can prevent them from unnecessary oxidation and moisture.

4. If you are active in craft projects, keep silica packets with the fabric in a sealed bag to keep them dry. It will prevent your fabrics from unpleasant smell of moisture.

5. Keep our desiccant silica gel pouches along with the medical pills or vitamin tablets especially if stored in the bathroom. Bathrooms are highly humid areas in the house.

6. Every generation leaves a few memorable things or photos for the upcoming generations. To prevent these memories from humidity damage, put some silica gel pouches in the containers or boxes of them. The packets will keep your treasure of memories dry and you can remember your loved ones for years.

7. If you play any musical instrument, then silica gel packets can prevent your instrument from being damaged due to moisture. It also helps to protect audio and video cassette tapes.

8. To prevent the camera and its accessories from condensation during use in cold places and underwater, desiccant silica gel pouches may help you. It will adsorb unwanted moisture and keep it safe.

9. It is hard to keep the pet foods dry in a humid area. Usually, we save it in an airtight container but does it work? The common answer is NO. Here silica gel packets will sort out your problem effectively. Place some silica gel packets into the bottom of the container. It will keep the pet food dry and improve food life.

10. Store your book collection with silica gel packets to prevent your collection from the musty smell and moisture. Place a few packets in the pages of your most important book.

11. Moisture damages leather accessories badly. You can put silica gel packets in your leather shoes or clothes to save them from being damaged.

Remember, keep the Silica gel packets away from the small kids. They do look like sugar packets and kids can accidentally taste them. Silica gel is inedible and makes sure the packets are sealed properly. They should be completely intact before putting them in food containers.

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