Cargo Dry 1500 gr
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10 - 1500 gram packs sold per case

Cargo Dry Paks

Cargo Dry Pak is a specially formulated desiccant product designed to lower the dew point inside shipping and storage containers. By lowering the dew point, Cargo Dry Pak protects cargo from moisture damage while goods are in transport.

Cargo Dry Pak has many advantages:

• Ship goods without the threat of “Container Rain”
• Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion
• Absorbs up to 100% of its weight in moisture
• Prevents weak cartons and loose labels caused
     by moisture
• Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as normal    waste

Cargo Dry Pak has many applications:

• Ocean, truck, rail & air shipping containers
• Protection of textiles, leather goods, shoes, furniture,
     food products, grains, feeds, pet food, canned
   goods and bottled products
• Protection of industrial products such as auto parts,   machinery, metal products, paper and cardboard boxes
• Ideal for boats & RV’s as well as long term
  storage applications

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Cargo Dry 1500 gr

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