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Data Loggers and Monitoring Products

The Cryopak Verification Technologies business unit is committed to the design and manufacture of the most technically advanced, reliable, self powered data loggers in the world. We employ the latest technology as it becomes available and have a strong track record for introducing new products to meet customer needs. We pride ourselves on being a market driven company providing a high level of service to both distributors and customers alike.

Dedicated to provide quality management solutions that offer an extensive range of temperature and humidity data loggers. Cryopak data loggers are principally used for Cold Chain Monitoring and Cold Chain Visibility to ensure Food, Medical and Pharmaceutical products are stored and transported in correct temperature conditions. Temperature monitoring and humidity data loggers are extensively used for environmental and heating and ventilation monitoring for building management plus energy saving applications.

cryopak-imini.pngData Loggers

Cryopak data loggers are used for cold chain monitoring to ensure food, medical and pharmaceutical products are stored and transported in appropriate temperature conditions.

Temperature Indicators

Temperature indicators allow end users to make a more informed decision on product usability and integrity. 

realtimemonitors.pngReal Time Monitoring

Whether to provide a quality service or to meet new regulations, demonstrating perfect thermal control of storage conditions and treatment of cold chain products has become essential.  Cryopak offers real time temperature monitoring solutions for any cold chain application.

Software Downloads

Cryopak software is responsible for running and enabling data logger use. Cryopak also offers real time temperature monitoring systems in order to comply with increasingly stringent regulations, by tracking and monitoring assets across the supply chain.